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‘The Greatest Showman’ Art Edits

On a sidenote, these below are art edits I made for my Instagram (@lookylookyabookybooky) and other social medias for ‘The Greatest Showman’ movie. I hope you like them.


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WHAT. 😱🤩😍

OMG, thank you so much Steve Cardenas for liking my Megazord photo on Instagram (@lookylookyabookybooky).

I’ve always been a big fan of Power Rangers and Rocky DeSantos and his friends, so it’s a real privilege to be noticed by a real Power Ranger. Continue to be morphinominal!

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This Image is Disgusting. Period.



Let me get one thing straight here, I am autistic. This is the most stupid, stupid thing I think I’ve seen on this site and that is saying something.

First of all, do you fucking know how /dangerous/ naked razor blades even are!? You could cut yourself just by picking this fucking thing up wrong!

Secondly, the whole ‘fidget spinner’ thing? We hate ya’ll for it. Here we were, having our own fun away from you, the people who get distracted by us in your homes, your classroom, your world and then, you decide to take the things that were helping us cope and turn them into a toy? Fuck you.

Thirdly, with the centrifugal motion that the fidget spinner produces (as razor blades don’t weigh much), you would be more likely to slice the tip of your nose or fingers off with that thing, or worse, cut open your carotid artery in your neck, the main blood vessel that keeps you and your brain alive.

One large nick and you die in a pool of your own blood.

Just think about that.

So, no, I do not like this image being here on Tumblr while all you little fucks make fun of it. ‘Oh, ha, ha, we normal ppl, we no do this, we so cool’. Well guess what you little shits, you aren’t. You’re sick, you’re sick and you’re disgusting and that’s all I have to say.

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A Look Under The Light Bulb: Is Riley Anderson from Inside Out Transgender? (Pixar Theory #1)

Okay. I know what you’re thinking just by the title and I can tell you that, yes, this topic has been covered before and yes, I can also tell you that should someone write about it good enough to be coherent that it may cause controversy, but…hear me out, okay?

I think that Riley Anderson from the 2015 film ‘Inside Out’ could possibly be transgender.

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A Brief Explanation of #ThrowbackThursday…

Hello everyone!

Just a quick post to explain Thursday’s on my blog. On Thursdays, I have decided to create a motion called ‘Throwback Thursday’, where I review a movie or a TV show before what I feel, in the modern age of media. So, basically, a day where I review something before the 2000’s.

Anything I usually post here in my eyes, is a recommendation in my books, so I hope you take these quite forgotten (or non forgotten if I review a more popular film or show) pieces of the media and check them out to see if you agree or disagree with my review.

Have fun and the first ‘Throwback Thursday’ post is going to be right after this one, I hope you like it!

XOXO, Scott

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Well, that was over quickly. Unfortunately, as of a couple of days ago, me and ‘Nash’ (the boy mentioned in my story ‘The Statue’) have gone our separate ways.

I hate to say it and I don’t really want to put too much personal stuff on here because it’s the internet, but let us just say lying to your partner is one thing, lying to your partner’s parents about them is another.

I don’t feel as badly off as I thought I would, being I invested a lot into this relationship, being it was my first ‘real’ relationship ever, but I am satisfied I have done the correct action for myself.

It was unfortunately a long time coming before this incident that I was considering break up plans, as he wasn’t treating me well even after I gave him a second chance, so in hindsight, this made my mind up and made it a lot more clearer for me to make a decision, something I’m not very good with normally thanks to my autism.

While I won’t forget ‘Nash’ in a hurry of course, I will be not talking about him on here ever again, as I was planning to in the future. I will keep ‘The Statue’ post up on here, as it’s one of my most popular stories so far, but I will have to edit it into past tense so I feel more comfortable leaving it up here.

Hope you guys are having a better day than me.

XOXO Scott