Author Junk

Not that Bad – H.G Scott

Hello, hello, can you hear me?
I would like to tell you a story, you see
A tale of things that have to be said
For all of you to understand the things in my head

I have a problem, a problem with me
A problem so hard it’s not I, but we
There’s not just me living inside my head
It’s me, my friends and the dark instead

Not one or two, but three of four
Other me’s hiding from the light on the floor
The floor where there’s a stage to make quite clear
Which one of us is going to be here

If it’s bright and there’s light, it might be me
But if it’s dark and in shadow, it’ll be Two or Three
They’re not so bad, but then there is Four
The most terrifying and saddest ever seen before

Four is lonely, Four is small
Four is dark and Four is tall
Four’s name is not mine, in fact it’s long
Four doesn’t have my name, it’s too strong

Four’s name is Weakness or Sorrow or Strife
I think it’s all three that it has in it’s plight
He comes only during the time of the night
When One, Two and Three have turned off the lights

Four only appears when One has been bad
When One is lonely, tired or sad
Because, unlike his friends Two and Three
One does not ever fall asleep you see

One stays awake in the dead of night
When it’s dark out and he’s turned off the lights
He’s so tired, so tired, but can’t close his eyes
For fear of just where Four lies

For Four will whisper, come and play with me
And One cannot never give in, you see
Once One gives in and turns on the light
Four will come out in a terrifying sight

Four is angry, Four is mad
Four is uncontrollable and always bad
He makes One do things that he’ll regret
He makes One do things he won’t soon forget

But there is one thing that makes One sad
It’s that Four is not always, truly mad
Four is the problem that no one understands
Till someone sees it with their own eyes and hands

Four is an excuse, used by all
Who want to be rude and make tears fall
These people do not truly know what Four does
But I do, I do a lot, after all this fuss

Four is a problem, a problem of mine
But I can see why you would deny that in time
Too much, too much running around
Can make someone distrustful of information found

I’ve got Four stuck in my head and instead of helping
He makes a mess instead
I realize this now while Four is gone
But I don’t think this will last for long

I have to ask that you take a moment at hand
And ask that you try and understand
That though the insomnia and anxiety are not all I’ve had
I’m got autism as well…but I’m not that bad


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