Author Junk

My Dear – H.G. Scott

Hello my sweet, hello my love, the sky is so blue today
As I sit here in this chair, wiping these tears away
This will be hard, this will hurt, it’s all I know how to do
But I think it’s time, I think it’s time, for a long talk overdue

I know you care about me and I will care about you
But I think this pretty flower we made, her time for picking is due
It’s not you and it’s not me, but it’s last call at the bar
I think it’s time you dropped your glass and walked home in the dark

Please don’t be mad with me, don’t scream, shout or rage
We both knew this was coming, like a book turning its page
But, don’t you see my darling? Don’t you see my sweet?
The last page has turned, our book is complete

It’s time to put it back on the shelf, where it will sit with others like itself
It won’t be alone, so don’t fear it such things, it has others to keep it safe
And there it will stay and not be taken back down, till the end of time
A simple memory, a simple object, of a bump along the line

I still want to be with you, just not in the way we planned
I will want to do things with you, just not the way we once had
Instead of kisses on the lips, or on the neck, they’ll be on cheeks and hands
But the hugs will stay the same I hope, as they were the best I ever had

This has been a long time coming, I hope you understand
That I do not wish to make you hurt or make you feeling bad
I just think that this just got out of hand and we didn’t know what to do

And though I should be feeling bad, it’s your reaction, your feelings, your heart I fear
But just because we’ll be back to being the best of friends…

…It doesn’t mean I still don’t love you, my dear


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