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Graduation (Alternatively titled ‘Unrequited’) – H.G Scott

This is a personal one for me, this piece. I wrote this after my best friend (who was a year older than me anyway), graduated from my high school months ago. I miss her so much it hurts and I made this for her a while ago because of the fact I can’t see her.

Now, I know what you’re saying “You’re in love with her aren’t you?” and that answer is I was, a very long time ago I was, but only for a while. I’ve gotten over it now, I really have, but as unrequited love does…it really hurts a lot.

But, I saw her only recently and I know she’s happy, so…that’s all I’ll ever need.

That’s all I’ll ever need.

I’m surrounded in a crowd
Boys and girls with caps and sleeves
But I’m only here for one and only
Who makes me feel weak in the knees

My love, her name is means universal
But she’s just plain beautiful to me
She is my best friend
My sand to my sea

We’ve been together now
So many years you see
I could never tell her
What I really wanted to be

She’d never accept it
Never take it, if I’m honest she’d freak
If she found out her best friend was Bi
Let alone have feelings so deep

We argue a lot, yes emphasis on lot
Sometimes not speaking for days
But we always mange to fix it together
Because, well, we’re just that way

Sometimes I talk to her
Sometimes I ignore her
Sometimes I just stay away

Because it’s hard for even me
To tell my year older girl
I also love her in this way

She sees herself as imperfect
I call that a lie
I like the way she talks and looks
She doesn’t need to try

She says she will never get a date
It wants to make me scream
How can you be so oblivious
When it’s right in front you see?

Her mother doesn’t like me much
I’ve only once met her Dad
But I don’t really care that much
Cause she’s all I could ever want to have

I want to treasure her, love her
Give her what she deserves
But even I know that I can’t
And that alone just hurts

Now as hug her and she leaves for good
I know when she’s gone I’ll cry
Maybe I could have kissed her

Maybe I should have tried…


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