Author Junk

Farewell – H.G Scott

I am a whisper in the wind, I am a flower in the grass
I will always be with you in every day you pass
Please, do not cry, not with your eyes so fair
Just remember I’m always with you, no matter where

You will mourn for me, like all people might do
But just remember in your heart that I loved you
I’m afraid we will never cross again until you come with me
But, I know in your heart you will keep our memories

I will try to move on, I will try to say strong
Because I know the road I travel will be so long
I will watch you, I’ll watch you from afar
May it be the rising sun or the only falling star

I know you will miss me and I’ll miss you too
Just know that I was meant to forever be with you
It’s getting darker now, it’s starting to rise
All the light I made for you is gone from my eyes

Now, I’m slowly slipping into the dark
I can hear the sound of my slowly breaking heart
And now in this meadow, where I lie
I bid you adieu, auf wiedersehen, despedida and a special goodbye…


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