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#ThrowbackThursday: Blossoms In The Dust (1941) ‘A Biographical Film For All Ages Re-Unearthed and True To The Heart’

Rating: 5 out of 5 5

Oh, where do I start with this film? Set in the 19th century with an all star cast from back in the days of Technicolor, the film follows the story of Edna Gladney (January 22, 1886 – October 2, 1961), a beautiful soul of a woman who co-founded the Texas Children’s and Aids Society and re-homed hundreds of orphans and illegitimate children, otherwise known as ‘foundlings’.

Edna was known for her kind personality, and her perseverance for fighting for the children she raised, going so far as to fight for and win the fight for the removal of the recognition of illegitimacy on birth records to give the children she raised as well as future orphans a fighting chance and making Texas the first state in the southwest to legally remove the stigma of illegitimacy.

Having placed over 10,000 babies into new homes, as well as campaigning for the passing of bills that allowed adopted children the same inheritance rights as biological children. She also revolutionized adoption practices for that time, by providing a lot of goods and services for the home out of her own money.

With Greer Garson in the lead playing this spectacular woman, the board chose their actors well on this movie of old, the star playing Edna to a T in modern terms and showing though her acting the compassion and joy Edna had for her work when she was alive.

Although not a totally accurate portrayal of Edna’s whole life, this autobiographical film has a beautiful story and enough fillers to keep the audience engaged and along with the story.

It shows of a woman who, though has had tragedy strike her one too many times, has come though in grace and put her grief into such good work that it was felt by hundreds, if not thousands of people who have heard or been a part of her story.

In my personal opinion, there should be more films like this. More beautiful films that don’t just tell you a story with CGI, visual effects and fillers almost everywhere you look.

They need to take you on a journey.

They need to be truthful and they need to reach the heart of a person.

They need to be special and that’s what Blossoms in The Dust is.



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