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Well, that was over quickly. Unfortunately, as of a couple of days ago, me and ‘Nash’ (the boy mentioned in my story ‘The Statue’) have gone our separate ways.

I hate to say it and I don’t really want to put too much personal stuff on here because it’s the internet, but let us just say lying to your partner is one thing, lying to your partner’s parents about them is another.

I don’t feel as badly off as I thought I would, being I invested a lot into this relationship, being it was my first ‘real’ relationship ever, but I am satisfied I have done the correct action for myself.

It was unfortunately a long time coming before this incident that I was considering break up plans, as he wasn’t treating me well even after I gave him a second chance, so in hindsight, this made my mind up and made it a lot more clearer for me to make a decision, something I’m not very good with normally thanks to my autism.

While I won’t forget ‘Nash’ in a hurry of course, I will be not talking about him on here ever again, as I was planning to in the future. I will keep ‘The Statue’ post up on here, as it’s one of my most popular stories so far, but I will have to edit it into past tense so I feel more comfortable leaving it up here.

Hope you guys are having a better day than me.

XOXO Scott


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