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Passengers (2016) ‘The Thought of Space Sells As Well As Power Couples, Androids and Potential Death’

Rating: 4 ½ out of 5 4.5

Yes, yes and a million times yes! Oh my god.

Now I always am up for a space movie. I love The Martian, Cube, all Science Fiction films with coherent plots, at least above average graphics and a cast you can relate to despite the circumstances. Hence, this movie is one that I hope will go down with the classics.

First of all, I have to commend Michael Sheen on his acting job. Emotionless, but full of deep thinking advice (and hard liquor) for both Jim and Aurora in their critical time of need, Arthur is a critical character upon the Avalon as his purposeful (and sometimes, accidental) interventions and interactions with both Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, shape the story as it plays out, causing both hurt and happiness along the way.

Now, despite the cast being fucking great (I mean, JL and CP? Come on, that is a power couple worth shipping right there), the slight references to Stockholm Syndrome (trust me, if you look close enough, you’ll see what I mean) and including the traditional space movie tropes (dire crisis, damaged transport and/or dangerous extraterrestrial creature on ship, possibility of being alone and dying alone in the vast infinite void that is space, you get the idea), customary death of a secondary character (another trope, but in normal space movies, multiply it by like…5) and the idea of the whole going to another planet and sustaining human life there being quite bomb (possibly mankind’s future in the real world too), what I really want to talk about is the graphics of all things.

My god, the graphics. Now, as I said before, I really like movies which have clever, smooth, articulated design in them. It makes it a better viewing experience and, in my case having autism, better for me to watch and not get a rather large headache from as due to several medical problems on top of that little problem of mine, my eyes don’t function very well with certain over rendered movies.

Specific kinds of graphic engines (or so I think) made my eyes hurt, causing me to have a headache and not concentrate on the plot/story of the film, which makes my job harder as a reviewer. There’s actually a term for this, it’s called a ‘ripple effect’, one action causing a number of other actions, but anyway, back to the fucking movie, I’m getting away from the point of this.

I have never seen graphics so clear. The stars, space and momentary glimpses of planets and even the asteroids that wake Jim and Aurora were so smooth and detailed, even in 3D, that some specific scenes made me feel like I was in the moment.

The star ship in the movie, Avalon, is a beautiful piece of engineering if I do say so myself. While it is not something I consider that NASA or any other organization with a wish to go to space would make, I would hope that despite it being fantasy, that it would provide some inspiration for newer spacecraft in the future years from now.

We always imagine our future. Sometimes every day. Sometimes once in a while. Don’t contradict me, we all know we do ti. It’s all part of being human. That’s why Hollywood takes it so seriously to produce something that may be a possibility when it comes to the subject of futuristic or even post apocalyptic films.

Maybe we might freeze to death. Maybe we might turn or or at worst, be eaten by zombies. Maybe we might burn up. Maybe we’ll be killed by a military coup. Maybe, maybe, maybe. There are hundreds of possible routes of where mankind’s future might be heading and I have to say, Jim and Aurora’s possibility is one of the most plausible.

With space travel already a thing being considered today and the possibility of finding a planet that’s habitable not too far off thanks to current technological breakthroughs, Passengers might not be as Science Fiction as we all first thought. Maybe one day, jsut maybe one day long into the future when I’m old or possibly even passed on…

This will be us.


2 thoughts on “Passengers (2016) ‘The Thought of Space Sells As Well As Power Couples, Androids and Potential Death’”

    1. Hello! Let me just say, as I don’t want to spoil it for you if you do end up seeing it, that it was a very enjoyable experience for me. It honestly is one of the best movies graphic wise I’ve ever seen, but that’s up for you to decide. Good luck! XOXO Scott

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