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Power Rangers: Super Dino Charge (aka Season 23) ‘The Lore of Power Rangers Ruined Despite Good Cast’

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars 3

Okay, we all know the story of Power Rangers, right? Massive crisis happens, someone either dies or has to go into hiding or both in some cases (yes, Tommy Oliver, we are all looking at you), but this season takes the cake as being the most messed up, lore destroying season of them all.

Featuring a good cast, a somewhat passable backstory including a bounty hunter, having on the team a caveman, a knight and a prince, using the same colour spectrum no less then four times (a big no no in the Ranger world as evidence by Season 11 aka Power Rangers Ninja Storm) and an alien tasked with keeping crystals safe, you could almost compare it as an modernized, but certainly not upgraded Zeo reboot.

However, there is one fatal flaw in this and that was this season’s finale.

WARNING: This season was made in 2016, if you haven’t seen the final two episodes, I suggest you stop here, go watch them and then come back to read on. Those who have seen them or don’t mind spoilers? You’re fine.

In the final two episodes of Power Rangers Super Dino Charge, Keeper (the alien tasked with keeping the Energems safe from bounty hunter Sledge first before Heckyl decided to bring his armored ass into the hot seat), takes the team back in time to stop the asteroids hitting the Earth and wiping out the dinosaurs, therefore getting back the Energems they’d lost, changing the fate of Ivan (The Gold Ranger) and restoring order to the timeline, therefore giving the ability to return both Ivan and Koda (The Blue Ranger) to their original time periods.

When the Rangers come back however though the portal in time, there is suddenly in place of the museum that they were all working at, a dinosaur zoo. A dinosaur zoo because when they went back in time to stop Sledge, they stopped his asteroids raining down on Earth and killing them.

Now, while you may think ‘Oh gee, that’s awesome they get a dinosaur zoo’, you have to think about the previous lore. Specifically, the previous timeline before they went back in time to save the dinosaurs. You see, if you’re a serious Power Rangers fan like me and have analyzed every. single. series. up to this point, you get a bit familiar with the lore behind the series, including reoccurring characters that pop up every so often.

In looking back on events in the timeline before the Dino Charge Rangers went back and changed said timeline, some disturbing anomalies occur and would change the course of Power Ranger history if the timeline the Dino Rangers made were to stick.

Because of the timeline being changed:

  • The first Power Rangers team (aka Mighty Morphin) would have never existed because they got their powers from the dinosaurs in the beginning. This would also result in no Power Rangers existing throughout time, ever.
  • The creation of this timeline, would also affect one of the central original Rangers lives and that Ranger is Tommy Oliver. Because the timeline would have been changed, Tommy would have never studied paleontology (because why study what isn’t there?), he would have never gotten his doctorate, he would haven’t had gone on the trip with Anton Mercer that lead to him becoming a science teacher and therefore, there would be no Dino Rangers team. Also, no Legendary Battle, no Kira coming in to help the Operation Overdrive team, nada. (He would still be a race car driver or a karate teacher in his own school. Cool jobs, but not enough moolah, if you get what I mean.)
  • Also, without the creation of the Power Rangers, there would be no Power Ranger couples, no Power Ranger couples, no SPD team (because, come on, they all are future Ranger kids, I see you Disney with your ‘Elizabeth ‘Z’ Delgato’ bullshit, that’s obviously Danny’s kid, no question.)
  • Also, SPD wouldn’t even exist, because who created it? Wesley Collins, otherwise known as the Red Time Force Ranger. If the Power Rangers hadn’t existed, Alex wouldn’t have died in 3000, Jen and her team wouldn’t have come to the past and Wes wouldn’t have become the Red Ranger, nor would Eric have become the Quantum Ranger. Because of this, the Sliver Guardians wouldn’t have been formed, leading to Wes not being able to form SPD into what we see it as in 2025.
  • And let’s not forget the absolute fuckton of villains that would rain down out of the sky. I mean seriously, without them to protect us, we’re not as good for standing up for ourselves. We’d be slaves in weeks. (It would be like RPM all over again.)

All in all, the Super Dino Charge series is a giant paradox of itself that ruins the critical timeline Saban and Disney had made previously that fans picked up on. While the characters and their interactions (including the ones between James and Tyler and everyone and Koda) saved it as a whole, the whole messing up the timeline thing, the generic backstory of when one villain goes down, another worst one takes their place and just plain too many Rangers for one team and too many clashing colors of Ranger suits, I’d recommend you watch this series only if you come for the over-stylized fighting, because that’s one of the only things it has going for it.


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