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Rap Rat IRL ‘Personal Creepypasta Experience Enlightens Blogger’


Okay, now I usually don’t take all conspiracy theories seriously. I mean, who would? Sure, a couple sound plausible, but not all of them have facts that justify it. Then, I came across this one. A creepypasta (or horror story created or uploaded based on truth or rumors for the internet) about a board game called ‘Rap Rat’.

In it, the author describes his experience and also other people’s experiences close to him with the game, warning the reader that should they come across this game, to never, ever watch the video tape OR call to the demon that apparently haunts the game, according to legend. I will not say his name. You can find the full story here, so you know what I’m talking about. His name is also listed, but I would heed the warning if I were you. – > (…)

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I didn’t really think about it that much. I mean, come on, a cursed game for children? Is there such things? It seems there is more violence in the 21st century than ever with video game sand terror threats on the news almost every day, so it wasn’t really that surprising. But I was caught off guard in an instant when I was in a local thrift shop (or op shop as we call them down here in Australia, for all the overseas readers)  and found…this.


Sitting there on the shelf, between 3 Twilight Scene It’s (ugh, please, god no.) and Buckaroo (one of my favorite games as a kid, is till have a copy) was a full version of ‘Rap Rat’, it’s yellow box and Rap Rat’s various zany torturing images on the front and I felt the hairs on my neck stand up.

Where had I seen this game before? Then it hit me, the internet, and I swallowed hard. What should I do? Should I put it back? Should I look inside it? Or do I do the most stupid thing I’ve ever done and…buy it? I didn’t know. But then, I was distracted by something else, so I took this photo and put it back down, moving onto another location soon after nearby. Little did I know that I would end up going back, drawn by some mysterious force and actually walk out with the cursed thing under my arm a couple of hours later, already feeling strange and a feeling a strong sense of weariness as I went home and put it somewhere safe. Like someone was watching me. Following me.

Well, I know it, the story and the supposed ‘curse’ can’t be true so…maybe…just maybe it’s just me…?


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