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‘The Greatest Showman’ Art Edits

On a sidenote, these below are art edits I made for my Instagram (@lookylookyabookybooky) and other social medias for ‘The Greatest Showman’ movie. I hope you like them.


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If I Could – H.G. Scott

If I could, I would give her everything

If I could, I would give her it all

A flower each day, to make blue skies out of grey

Never sad, never alone at all


If I was a big wide ocean

She would be the waves to my sea

And if I were to turn into a teacup

I would hope she’d become my tea


In this big wide world of hers

I wish that I was somehow enough

Because maybe if she was my world

Then I could show her something just as beautiful as her


Which to me is love.

TV Reviews

The Gambler – H.G Scott

If I want to throw down my money and take a chance to roll the dice

Would I be in the leagues with the greatest of men or just the ones compared with lowly mice?

If I were to pay my cards correct and play mind tricks mentally

Would I be able to play the blundering fool and come into my own eventually?

Should I throw down the chips in the bright lights of old or should I turn an eye and leave this be?

Because if there is anything that anyone knows, it’s the way greed bleeds is green